Forex Broker Reviews

When we first started Global-View over 17 years ago we made a decision to block forex broker reviews from our forums as our goal was to keep the discussion on forex trading and not on forex brokers. This has served us well as our forex forum (and gold forum) have maintained our high standards with the flow focused on trading.

In our early days there were only a handful of forex brokers but the global landscape has surely changed. There are now hundreds of brokers scattered across the globe, some regulated some not. It is easy to create a professional looking website, which makes it hard for prospective clients to distinguish between forex brokers and we all know there are differences between brokers – both in terms of service provided and the financial strength of each firm. This is a place where you can see what forex traders consider to be the best forex brokers.

We feel there is a need for transparency and have decided to do something about it with our new Forex Broker Reviews section. There is a need for a credible place where traders can post reviews of brokers and brokers can reply if so desired. What distinguishes this from other forex broker reviews is that we plan to apply the same high standards to this review section as we apply to our forums.

It is time to give traders a reliable place where they can get a good reading on a forex broker and which ones are considered to be the best forex brokers and those with issues. 

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