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Mtl JP 22:41 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
Another bladder stresser curtesy Medvedev via POLITICO
LONDON — British politicians are now a legitimate military target for Moscow, a senior Russian official said, after the U.K.’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverly argued Ukraine has the right to use force within Russian borders.

Top Russian official says British politicians now a legitimate military target

Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July as OPEC+ extends deal into 2024
Mtl JP 22:37 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
fair warning: put on your Depends first
"I am the enforcer. I represent the law, which is the will of the state and the people." - European Union's Thierry Breton, internal market commissioner

EU’s Breton wants to ‘stress test’ Silicon Valley giants

Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July as OPEC+ extends deal into 2024
Mtl JP 22:37 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
fair warning: put on your Depends first
"I am the enforcer. I represent the law, which is the will of the state and the people." - European Union's Thierry Breton, internal market commissioner

EU’s Breton wants to ‘stress test’ Silicon Valley giants

Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July as OPEC+ extends deal into 2024
Mtl JP 21:46 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
they know western consumers are flush with cash and that they still have credit available to them should they run low on cash
in other words: theoretically a good move

Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July as OPEC+ extends deal into 2024
GVI 20:26 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
VIENNA (Reuters) -Saudi Arabia will make a deep cut to its output in July on top of a broader OPEC+ deal to limit supply into 2024 as the group seeks to boost flagging oil prices.

Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July as OPEC+ extends deal into 2024

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:23 GMT 06/03/2023  - My Profile
If people know what they are doing then yes they can overlook and go buy equities and whatever else they think, but mind you though. The debt problem is so high that I feel many companies just won't be there in a few years, and rather staying out of them is better than buying into them.

Just be patient, and be on the lookout for financial scams and schemes etc. Those happen in the last stages of economic slumps etc etc and signal initial rallies of bull runs. Why? Regulators/FBI etc get involved when scams abound, and that makes people feel safe, smarter and confident and fearful enough from regulatory bogey men to invest their money wisely!

It's just that people either need to get literate and become twice wise to escape from the clutches of scammers or experience suffering at the hands of scammers and phonies etc etc.

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:04 GMT 06/03/2023  - My Profile
And the third phase is the good phase. But why... They are not thieves are they?

People got conscience enough to do 3 honest full time jobs. It's because they want to pay off their debt, they wanna improve, they don't wanna waste time and do evil things, and they just wanna spend their time doing good if not for others then for themselves, which directly keeps crime rates very low, and indirectly builds super good collective karma for everyone else in that country too!

Time and Truth...

With regards to markets going into slow phase blah blah. so what!. let it be, no big deal in that. The best thing to do in the mean time is let people do their thing and prepare for the next phase! And by that time the markets will be ready to soar. In the mean time, save all money into bonds every 1 dollar goes into savings and accumulates towards buying government bonds.

Let americans understand that in the future, the bonds they now buy, will become the #1 stable source of income for them, and income which will start overflowing into multibaggers meaning 100x and above.

If markets are slow phase then it's better for the locals/citizens/people living there.

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:39 GMT 06/03/2023  - My Profile
Let me ask you, if the fed is converting outflows into inflows then where did that money come from and what did it go into, additionally what caused them to do that.

They are accounting for everything is it not or that fellow dug up some shocking details of what the fed is not telling the public... So now let's be clear... is this a cover up? My fundamental observation is no, it is not a cover-up.

And well, all you guys know better than me so your views are greatly as always appreciated.

and most important,... he used the word fuckery? hu taut him dat word!!!!

""" And finally, the piece de resistance of Fed fuckery - for domestic (large and small) commercial banks, NSA (actual) flows were -$28.4 billion, while SA (magic) flows were +$102.5 billion!"""

Mtl JP 07:40 GMT 06/03/2023  - My Profile
they told him to read:
fellow merrikans ... ‘We averted an economic crisis’ : Biden hails debt-ceiling deal in Oval Office address

and then ...
Biden says he’ll sign bill to lift debt ceiling on Saturday

dc CB 21:51 GMT 06/02/2023

by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jun 02, 2023 - 04:40 PM

Tl; dr: The Fed reportts that domestic (large and small) commercial banks saw NSA flows of -$28.4 billion, while SA flows were +$102.5 billion!

As if it needs to be said, non-seasonally-adjusted deposit flows are 'actual flows'? And why do we care about 'seasonally-adjusted' deposits - they aren't real assets?

For some more context, the deposit delta (between real outflows and SA outflows) since March 1 is now $150BN+

It seems The Fed is using the 'fog of banking crisis war' - knowing this data drops late on a Friday night - to pull the wool over depositors and investors eyes.

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:01 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile

FED: One rate decision they get praised for good job done, by the next rate decision they are made to look like "Dork Wayyderrr". Some flip headed commentator standing on their necks ready with an axe...

Wonder what kung fu granny plans on doing about the public's ficklemindnesss., Edu-Bonds Perhaps...

dc CB 17:45 GMT 06/02/2023

' open the pod bay doors HAL'
'sorrry I can't do that Dave'

22 years later......

Mtl JP 17:11 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
CB 14:31 thks for the link to comedy

It is a lot of fun reading about freak-outs who think they discovered something new under the sun. I remember , when I was a young teen-ager ... lol

Hk Ab 16:34 GMT 06/02/2023
XAG is not particularly weak, if gold dips to 1930, it may be an exhaustion and will buy from there

dc CB 14:31 GMT 06/02/2023
“We were training it in simulation to identify and target a SAM threat. And then the operator would say ‘yes, kill that threat,’” Hamilton said.

“The system started realizing that while they did identify the threat, at times, the human operator would tell it not to kill that threat, but it got its points by killing that threat.

“So what did it do? It killed the operator,” he continued.

“It killed the operator because that person was keeping it from accomplishing its objective.”

He added: “We trained the system—‘Hey, don’t kill the operator; that’s bad. You’re gonna lose points if you do that.’ So what does it start doing? It starts destroying the communication tower that the operator uses to communicate with the drone to stop it from killing the target.”

Simulated US Air Force Test

Mtl JP 14:25 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
degenerate gambler (haha):
who does not like Fridays, especially after the fix or into US stocks' last half hour into the close eh ?

Mtl JP 14:22 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
euro 1.0733

testing LoD

Mtl JP 14:08 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile

DLRx 103.65
who wants to play this assertion
The Drivers of Inflation Are Reversing. The Case for Fed Cuts" - Barron's

Mtl JP 13:53 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile

"Treasury yields jump after much stronger-than-expected jobs report" - cnbc

"risk" enthusiasts rage
means the FED's inflation-fighting job is far FAR from over
just not a theme on menu du jour today

Mtl JP 13:41 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
EURO 1.0761
Low 1.0733ish , res 1.0765/75

break out N of 75 should open up approx 100-pip hunt uP

Hk Ab 13:17 GMT 06/02/2023
Mkt is accumulating the energy…..

GVI Forex 12:28 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
Watch hourly wages in the jobs report.

Amman wfakhoury 11:32 GMT 06/02/2023
Be ready for big move 100-130 pips

Mtl JP 11:09 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
rate peak & glee by global investors

"robust U.S. labor markets" are current inflation-fighting FED's Némésis

could be ... peak of glee ?

GVI Forex 10:49 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan

With the U.S. debt ceiling removed, world markets see the sky again - encouraged that robust U.S. labor markets continue to defy recession fears as interest rates near peaks.

Morning Bid: Jubilant markets eye jobs in June jump

GVI Forex 10:43 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
EURUSD 1.0773

Would need to break 1.0830 for an outside week

Last week�s high at 1.0758 is the low so far today

The Amazing Trader

Mtl JP 10:40 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
dog eat dog (as it happens commentary, curtesy Ruxandra Iordache)
" Saudi energy minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman warned oil market speculators they could face further pain ahead, in comments some have read as hinting further supply cuts could be in the cards.

“I keep advising [speculators] that they will be ouching. They did ouch in April. I don’t have to show my cards, I’m not [a] poker player … but I would just tell them, watch out,” he said at the time.

front row seat at the octagon, curtesy fp cnbc

* OPEC+ ministers will meet to determine their next oil production policy steps on June 4 in Vienna.

* They face a market rattled by supply volatility, demand uncertainty and a prospective recession, which could throttle transport fuel consumption.

* Public signals have been conflicting following Saudi energy minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman’s late-May warning that oil speculators could face further pain ahead.

OPEC+ prepares for weekend meeting after Saudi warns speculators to ‘watch out’

Mtl JP 09:54 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
a fwiw piece courtesy Scott Patterson
potentially extremely generous act of sharing
When Markets Melt Down, These Traders Cash In
Mark Spitznagel and Nassim Nicholas Taleb devised ways to reap huge profits from global chaos—and they expect a lot of chaos in the years ahead

By Scott Patterson in WSJ

Mtl JP 09:27 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile

SnP ("risk") 4248

oh oooohh ... rising

GVI Forex 08:55 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
Bi-polar market

It went from a 70% chance Fed would hike rates after tje JOLTS data to 80% chance of a rate pause currrntly after dovish skip comments by two Fed officials.

GVI Forex 08:31 GMT 06/02/2023  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in European and global markets from Ankur Banerjee

A risk-on rally fuelled by rising expectations the Federal Reserve will stand still on interest rates in two weeks, and by relief that the congress approved a U.S. debt-limit suspension, took hold in Asia and looked set to continue as Europe wakes up.

Morning Bid: Markets feel Friday cheer as signs point to Fed pause

Hk Ab 03:33 GMT 06/02/2023
Poor NFP guaranteeded

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:08 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile
dc CB 18:42 GMT 06/01/2023

Just keep the faith, and remember God is great!


Tomorrow is a very busy trading day *hint* *hint*

I'm off to zz z z land.

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:02 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile
I got no patience to sit idle and watch such long movies, but just this one time watched every second of part 1 and a few minutes of part 2.

This man changed the fortunes of a barren land using traditional water wisdom. The story of Dhun-1

How this 500 acres was turned into a sanctuary for native trees of Rajasthan-The story of Dhun- 2

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:18 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile
applause! fantastic job china!!!

How China Turned the Desert into Green Forests

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:13 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile
fwiw... worth studying it

How This Electricity-Free Fridge Saved An Indian Ceramics Factory - Big Business

dc CB 18:42 GMT 06/01/2023
there were 3 treas Bill auctions this morning

28Day-- 5.13%
56Day -- 5.22%
and an unusual 3Day-- 6.15%

so looking at that, which is back to normal---better Yield for the longer duration, 1month v 2month.

Fixed then----Treas jsut needs immediate cash to be thru the Senate and the Biden signature.....thus the 3Day---

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:49 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile
GVI 07:33 GMT 06/01/2023 - My Profile

Did they avoid the default and make the deal or not.

GVI Forex 16:52 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile
Great moves today

Note EURUSD gaot a bid after EURGBP found support and then bounced.

Mtl JP 13:51 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile
fickle news for fickle players

NFP tomorrow s polluted by voters jeffereson and harker blabbing about a hike skip ... duh duh duh... do the clowns have a bead on screwing with players ? hahaha only because players let 'em to ditz them around

PAR 12:51 GMT 06/01/2023
US real wages keep declining.

GVI Forex 12:33 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile
Yields drop on big downward revision to Q1 unit labor costs 4.2% vs initial 6.3%)

GVI Forex 12:17 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile
ADP upside surprise +278k

Wage metric moderating slightly

Not much reaction

GVI Forex 11:26 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile

USDJPY 15 minute chart

Top 2 blue AT lines drawn off the high of the day => AT directional indicator indicates a potential top

3rd AT blue line => 3rd AT line is often followed by an acceleration (in this case) to the downside... rest is history until an AT red line held

Join the

The Amazing Trader

GVI 07:33 GMT 06/01/2023  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in European and global markets from Kevin Buckland

It's a volatile time for central bank watchers, when comments from one man can flip the script in a moment.

Marketmind: Plotting policy paths for Europe and the US

GVI Forex 22:50 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
More pause talk

Fed Whisperer” Timiraos says the FOMC is likely to hold interest rates steady in June. The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos writes: Federal Reserve officials signalled they are increasingly likely to hold interest rates steady at their June meeting before preparing to raise them again later this summer.…Forexlive

dc CB 22:03 GMT 05/31/2023

The FED whisperer with that 70's haircut has got the inside dope---hope it's the good stuff.

The Wall Street Journal
Breaking: Federal Reserve officials signaled they are increasingly likely to hold rates steady at their June meeting, before preparing to raise them again later this summer

GVI Forex 21:51 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
New term for Fed

“Hawkish pause”

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:31 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
pretty helpful ways to save some time (by not wasting it)

Time Management For Busy People

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:59 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile

How I Saved $100k In 3 Years (Step By Step)

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