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dc CB 17:21 GMT 10/07/2022
Ian Cain----EVs vs Gas buggies.

There’s a ton of EVs disabled from Ian. As those batteries corrode, fires start. That’s a new challenge that our firefighters haven’t faced before. At least on this kind of scale.

It takes special training and understanding of EVs to ensure these fires are put out quickly and safely.

21st Century "Greek Fire"

PAR 16:55 GMT 10/07/2022
The ECB is just too slow and running after the facts.

Instead of holding holiday meetings in Cyprus it would be better to focus on inflation.

dc CB 16:39 GMT 10/07/2022

sign of the times

10 yrs
dc CB 16:35 GMT 10/07/2022
US 5year back well above 4%- Yesterday CASH closed 4.06---Currently trading 4.16%

PAR 14:02 GMT 10/07/2022
Biden to deliver remarks taking credit for the strong US economy.

PAR 13:57 GMT 10/07/2022
$100 today on the back of strong US economic data.

10 yrs
Hk Ab 13:04 GMT 10/07/2022
Bucket shop has tonnes beliving 10 yrs top out at 4.00

PAR 12:48 GMT 10/07/2022
US interest rates are too low and European interest are way too low.

FED is decisive and ECB is hesitant and not focused on the European inflation problem.

GVI Forex 12:47 GMT 10/07/2022  - My Profile
75bp locked in market expectations after the report.

Hk Ab 12:45 GMT 10/07/2022
Remove the limit and let it…..

PAR 12:33 GMT 10/07/2022
3.5% unemployment.

US President to give mid-term election speech.

Before the elections nothing but good US figures.

So predictable.

Hk Ab 12:32 GMT 10/07/2022
So strong that even 1700 can’t be filled

PAR 12:19 GMT 10/07/2022
Our analysts raised their oil price forecast by $10 per barrel to $110 for the last three months of the year and to $115 for the first quarter of 2023. “Price risks are skewed potentially even higher,” says Damien Courvalin, head of energy research in Goldman Sachs Research.

hk ab 10:48 GMT 10/07/2022
limit 1700 for 1 tael.

Mtl JP 10:15 GMT 10/07/2022  - My Profile

EURO 9802
puppy making H&S structure on daily
down break of shoulder would open 95-ish trgt

PAR 08:07 GMT 10/07/2022
Looking for a strong report before the mid-term elections.

Job openings are falling also meaning that suitable candidates were found for those positions. That is good news.

PAR 07:24 GMT 10/07/2022
Why keep it simple if you can make it complicated?


PAR 07:21 GMT 10/07/2022
What Did You Expect?

What Did You Expect?

Belgrade Knez 07:11 GMT 10/07/2022
European politicians finally admit that sanctions against Russia have resulted in a transfer of wealth from Europe to Russia and OPEC.
So they implement 8th package of sanctions for more wealth to be tranferred away from Europe?!?

PAR 06:30 GMT 10/07/2022
European politicians finally admit that sanctions against Russia have resulted in a transfer of wealth from Europe to Russia and OPEC.

Hk Ab 05:06 GMT 10/07/2022
XAG defying the gravity, need to be less bullish on usd

Mtl JP 21:51 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
US 10-YR 3.828
some new losers in the making
* cnbc - Friday’s jobs report could be a case where good news isn’t really good

* CNBC - Why the Federal Reserve won't be so quick to ease up on its fight against inflation
The consequences for the Fed not bringing inflation under control could be severe.

* A weak jobs report could excite investors. But the Federal Reserve has its eye on only one thing.
The financial markets have been spooked by the aggressiveness of the Federal Reserve, particularly about its focus on the potential for enduring economic pain and rising unemployment. Yet the Fed’s plan has not changed much

* Bank of America says - The Federal Reserve will continue to raise interest rates 'until the labor market cracks,'

Mtl JP 21:21 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
brother waller says
* doesn’t expect jobs data Friday will alter his view on need for more interest rate hikes and
* throws cold water on Wall Street notion that concern over financial stability will cause Fed to pivot on interest rates

PAR 18:22 GMT 10/06/2022
IMF increasingly pessimistic on the global economy.

SELL EUR/USD on rally
Bangkok KC 18:05 GMT 10/06/2022
The price perfectly fulfills my previous idea and it's heading towards 0.9700... probably re-visit 0.96xx

Keep selling EUR/USD on rally is my strategy for the next 1-3 trading days.

PAR 16:07 GMT 10/06/2022
$ 00 sooner rather than later.

European energy sanctions are causing nothing but trouble and are making Europe poor and Russia rich.

Northern France already running out of gasoline and diesel and the weather is spring-like.

PAR 16:02 GMT 10/06/2022
Is a big options trade pulling the market down today?

Could be margin call time tomorrow.

Yen forecasts
Caribbean! Rafe... 15:29 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
Caribbean! Rafe... 15:23 GMT 10/06/2022 - My Profile

Sorry, Typo... I wrote the downside model points for yen are 137.42, 140.23, 143.04.

Rather it should be.

"The downside model points for USD/YEN are 137.42 and 143.04 with 140.23 being the midpoint", if 140.23 level is hit then I'd redo the analysis...

gl gt

Yen forecasts
Caribbean! Rafe... 15:23 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
The downside model points for yen are 137.42, 140.23, 143.04.

Yen forecasts
Caribbean! Rafe... 15:18 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
USD/YEN:- Key model upside points 148.66, 154.28, 162.71... These are STG/YEN accurate and accurate to the pip...

Yen forecasts
Caribbean! Rafe... 14:53 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
I'm reading yen charts to pen my forecast, and will be back in a few minutes.

dc CB 14:35 GMT 10/06/2022
Michael Every of Rabobank

The near-term US policy responses underway are to double down on what is not working: ................

Do you see the geopolitical and geoeconomic tectonic plates shifting? Do you see how this influences markets? If not, you are in the wrong game.

No Fed pivot is possible against a backdrop where oil prices march higher on supply destruction in response to demand destruction as monetary policy is tightened.

OPEC's Action Is Testimony To A Staggering US Geopolitical And Geoeconomic Error"

General Head of Affairs Yoo Mo arrested...
Caribbean! Rafe... 14:11 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
Scene from Negotiator 2 : Samuel in-terra-gated

Hu Bleu Yoo!

ECB minutes
PAR 13:47 GMT 10/06/2022
Maybe there are just too few monetary council meetings at the ECB and too many other meetings?

SELL EUR/USD on rally
Bangkok KC 13:33 GMT 10/06/2022
Took profit@0.9830 (Fast 80 pips profit)

ECB minutes
PAR 13:33 GMT 10/06/2022
European interest rates are way too low to keep price stability.

With European inflation above 10% interest rates at 0.75% is surrealistic whatever Christine Lagarde may say.

European people pay real inflation. Nobody pays core inflation.

GVI Forex 12:57 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
Ridk on crew is grasping art any chance to rally (stocks bounced, dollar dipped briefly on weekly jobless claims)

ECB minutes
GVI Forex 11:33 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
More dovish than hawkish?

ECB minutes

PAR 10:43 GMT 10/06/2022
Government loves inflation as inflation inflates government debt away so they will do nothing to stop it.

On the contrary European subsidies for everything and everything are only more inflationary as they prohibit the necessary demand reduction
which would have been caused by higher prices.

Higher prices > less demand > lower prices > new equilibrium

Subsidized higher prices > big demand > higher prices > more subsidies.

PAR 09:40 GMT 10/06/2022
Higher crude prices fuelling higher inflation. Inflation is here to stay.

SELL EUR/USD on rally
Bangkok KC 08:04 GMT 10/06/2022
1st Short @0.9910
Take profit @09810

US jobs forecast
GVI Forex 08:03 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
As per the expectations, the US Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) data is forecast to dip to 250k vs. the prior 315k. The jobless rate is seen as holding steady at 3.7%. Average Hourly Earnings data is expected to dii by by 0.1 to 5.1% on an annual basis.

Mtl JP 05:59 GMT 10/06/2022  - My Profile
87.70 wti / 93.40 brent
biden fuming at no respect; releasing 10 million barrels from low low SPR
cnbc - OPEC+ to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day to shore up prices, defying U.S. pressure
Oil prices have fallen to roughly $80 a barrel from more than $120 in early June amid growing fears about the prospect of a global economic recession.

dc CB 02:09 GMT 10/06/2022
Specifically, according to Wells Fargo's Chris Harvey, one "giant" options transaction "may have sparked the S&P 500’s bounce on Wednesday." The trade, which took place just after 12pm ET, a time when the S&P blasted off to session highs and arguably prevented another afternoon rout, consisted of the following:

buy 20k oct 31, 4500 calls
buy 14k mar 17, 4300 calls
sell 48k jan 20, 4500 calls

The net delta of the package was just over $30 million, a tiny amount, yet one which according to Wells Fargo's Chris Harvey was enough to push hundreds of billions in market cap higher.

“The Greeks of the trade are likely what gave a mid-day pop to the S&P 500,” Harvey wrote in a note to clients.

the greeks of this 'rally'

Tallinn viies 22:44 GMT 10/05/2022
Fitch lowers outlook for UK rating to negative

Mtl JP 22:24 GMT 10/05/2022  - My Profile
in any case GAP now POOF! and closed

puppy looks contentious

Mtl JP 21:24 GMT 10/05/2022  - My Profile

Ahe 14:24 thks for heads up but gap not that big on my chart

dc CB 20:40 GMT 10/05/2022
Bloomberg reports that one giant options transaction may have sparked the S&P 500’s bounce on Wednesday, according to Wells Fargo & Co. The trade, which involved buying and selling call options tied to the index at a cost of around $31 million, probably helped fuel a recovery that saw the benchmark gauge erase a 1.8% decline, says Chris Harvey, the firm’s head of equity strategy. The trade included buying 20,000 S&P 500 calls expiring in October with a strike price of 4,500 and 14,000 bullish contracts expiring in March at a strike of 4,300, while selling 48,000 calls maturing in January with an exercise price at 4,500 -- a bet that essentially says stocks would rally in coming months.

“The dealers who took the other side of this had a huge amount of risk to offset,” said Gareth Ryan, managing director at IUR Capital, adding that they could have bought equity futures to keep their books neutral.

“It certainly could’ve impacted the cash market. This is one of the largest trades by size that I have seen in a long time.”

via Zero Hedge

london red 18:58 GMT 10/05/2022
dont think they are done wanting to sell usd. it will need a strong nfp to shock them out of this mini trend.

Tallinn viies 17:28 GMT 10/05/2022
cable seems to be sure bet when looking to short something against dollar. dollar strenght only ends if central bank co-ordinate their interventions. otherswise keeo buying usd.
UK outside the EU is so lost. no workers, no money, no ideas, no...

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