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GVI Forex 17:45 GMT 02/01/2023  - My Profile
FOMC: Fadtrn your seat belts

GVI Forex 15:55 GMT 02/01/2023  - My Profile
EURGBP (up) is driving the fx bus

PAR 15:51 GMT 02/01/2023
Ukraine corruption scandal: Police raid oligarch, officials and tax authorities

Ukraine's security services (SBU) released footage of their raid on oligarch Kolomoiski's home. He is implicated in a one billion euro embezzlement case involving the country's oil companies.

The US-sanctioned billionaire supported Zelenskyy during his 2019 election campaign. They remained close for a time, though the Ukrainian president has since distanced himself.

Tax authorities were searched, according to the State Investigation Bureau, which accused the leader of the official body of enriching themselves "to the tune of several millions of dollars".

Investigators gave senior Ministry of Defence officials notices, officially declaring them suspects.

Breaking News
PAR 15:05 GMT 02/01/2023
US Job Openings Rise More than ExpectedUnited States Job Offers
The number of job openings in the United States increased to 11.0 million in December of 2022, above market expectations of 10.25 million. The largest increases in job openings were in accommodation and food services (+409,000), retail trade (+134,000), and construction (+82,000). The number of job openings decreased in information (-107,000). Meanwhile, the number of hires and total separations changed little at 6.2 million and 5.9 million, respectively. Within separations, quits (4.1 million) and layoffs and discharges (1.5 million) changed little.

short gbp
tokyo boj 14:53 GMT 02/01/2023  - My Profile
Entry: 161.35 Target: open Stop: add later

taken nice profit in gbp too

short stox
tokyo boj 14:50 GMT 02/01/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: Target: Stop:

today made nice money in dji and jpn225
positions closed

short dji today from 34155
jpn225 fom 27566
nasdaq 12177

Breaking News
GVI Forex 14:36 GMT 02/01/2023  - My Profile
ISM manuf at top of the hour. JOLTS as well

PAR 13:18 GMT 02/01/2023
The US economy creates almost no jobs while layoffs are surging.

Job cuts are good for stocks.

European Green Investment Plan
PAR 13:03 GMT 02/01/2023
Just opens the door to more corruption. Better let private markets play instead of Soviet-Style asset allocation.

Recipe for disaster.

Breaking News
GVI Forex 12:49 GMT 02/01/2023  - My Profile
ADP up next

PAR 11:35 GMT 02/01/2023
Traders Send Wheat Prices Spiking as Allied Tanks, Aid to Roll Into Ukraine

PAR 11:10 GMT 02/01/2023
A tsunami of strikes and political instability are starting to put pressure on the French domestic economy.

dc CB 10:04 GMT 02/01/2023
Worst London air pollution in six years as home fires burn

Wood fires produce more particle pollution than traffic exhausts in UK, and controls remain ineffective

Last weekend, air pollution in London reached the top value of 10 on the UK governmentís index. Greatest concentrations were measured in the southwestern suburbs. This was Londonís worst air pollution since January 2017.

Wait Wait Wait---whatever happened to the British MIND?

Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves

PAR 08:08 GMT 02/01/2023
EU Is Poised to Miss March Goal to Agree on Reform of Debt Rules

Berlin is concerned about tailor-made debt-reduction plans
EU member states criticized vagueness of commission proposal

Berlin is especially doubtful about the idea of highly indebted governments negotiating tailored plans with the European Commission to bring their spending under control and wants to see reliable enforcement tools in place.


PAR 08:01 GMT 02/01/2023
Add more long EURUSD @ 1.0870. Target 1.1500.

Stop 1.0770.

De-dollarization is accelerating and Powell will not fight inflation.
Inflation is good for the stock markets, hyperinflation is even better for the stock market. Look at the markets during the Weimar Republic.

Toronto Abb 22:21 GMT 01/31/2023
usdcad possibility now to see 1.321-1.313

dc CB 21:42 GMT 01/31/2023


January saw the return of the "QE trade"... or more appropriately, a de-hawking of The Fed as the narrative rapidly shifted from hyped-inflation and growth scares to 'soft landing' and Fed-Pause/Pivot... and everything's awesome.

The market is locked-and-loaded for a 25bps hike tomorrow by The Fed, it also prices an 83% chance of a 25bps hike in March and 42% odds of a 25bps hike in April...

Stocks melted up into today's month-end close (on a massive MOC buy), erasing all of yesterday's selling pressure from the open...Nasdaq soared to its best January since 2001...

Who could have seen that coming!!??

From Jan 9
"We Are Setting Up For A Tech-led Squeeze Higher As Shorting Gets Extreme"
ó zerohedge (@zerohedge)

January 2023 ends

dc CB 21:33 GMT 01/31/2023
Who is going to fly them-----

PAR 18:50 GMT 01/31/2023
France willing to send fighter jets to Ukraine.

PAR 18:41 GMT 01/31/2023
Monetary thightening is more than offset by fiscal stimuli and the war economy.

Powell is no Paul Volcker.

Breaking News
Mtl JP 15:11 GMT 01/31/2023  - My Profile
jay both feds 25 and ecb 50 rate hikes now totally priced in.

which to my mind makes for a clean table and DLR moves subject to cantancarous player with bigger stick whims

tokyo boj 14:54 GMT 01/31/2023  - My Profile
PAR 14:49 GMT 01/31/2023
sooner or later stox crash big time short side is best idea

what ever goes up it will go down its 15 year rally end in 2023

dji short side also have nice swap can keep positions for years

i think dji wont clearly break 35000 in next 5 years

PAR 14:49 GMT 01/31/2023
A happy end to a happy month.

Forget economic hurricanes and buy the indexes. Too much money chasing too few shares.

Buybacks are everywhere.

short stox
tokyo boj 14:14 GMT 01/31/2023  - My Profile
today keep selling dji on 100 points rise

Breaking News
GVI Forex 13:57 GMT 01/31/2023  - My Profile
4th qtr ECI 1.0% vs 1.1% expected.

Risk on reaction as it gives Fed cover to hike by just 25bps

short aud
tokyo boj 12:31 GMT 01/31/2023  - My Profile

Entry: 92.55 Target: open Stop: add later

today made nice 135 pips

half closed

short again if up

short stox
tokyo boj 12:29 GMT 01/31/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: 4073avg Target: Stop: add later

today again stox crash

my position

dji 33955

jpn225 27555

dax 15100

nasdaq 12135

short gbp
tokyo boj 12:25 GMT 01/31/2023  - My Profile
Entry: 161.355 Target: open Stop: add later

today again made nice 90pips

half closed

again short if seen 161.35/161.55 area

hk ab 09:02 GMT 01/31/2023
Dusty, your Alzheimer's Disease kept refraining yourself from remembering my core shorts from 2050.............

No worry, under 1900, many things being possible again and may be an avalanche will flush away some of your brain cells to cure your severe problem.

GVI Forex 07:29 GMT 01/31/2023  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in European and global markets from Anshuman Daga

An impressive 6% rally in global stocks (.MIWD00000PUS) this month, the first gain in January after three years, has got investors all excited after a dismal 2022.

Morning Bid: Mind the Gap

Hk Dusty 07:03 GMT 01/31/2023
Lol, crash $15 ????

Ab. You should truly take a look in the mirror and have a talk to yourself. What are you doing here posting this bs???? You let a short position run $300 against you and now you are talking bonus of the year and crashes when it comes back $35. Are you really this stupid?

hk ab 06:39 GMT 01/31/2023
with your "resurfacing" now, I think gold can't avoid the crash under 1900 now.....

The BEST contra in GVI. Good job from 1946 this time.

Hk Dusty 06:34 GMT 01/31/2023
Lmao ab!!!!!!

You are short from $1650. It is $1915!!! Bonus of the year for you will be if you donít get a margin call (if you havenít already)


hk ab 05:41 GMT 01/31/2023
Enjoy the bonus from the poultry signal and collect at your ease.

Guaranteed -done, usual - done, bonus- ALSO done.
hk ab 03:39 GMT January 27, 2023
gold: Reply
Bonus of the Year.......coming
hk ab 02:50 GMT January 26, 2023
gold: Reply
nothing is better than the appearance of duck and go for it, $10 is guaranteed, $20 is usual >$20 is the bonus of the year.

Potlatch Level 3: Trading during a World War
dc CB 02:42 GMT 01/31/2023
I asked ChatGPT to write a joke about WWIII, and it refused because it was not a funny subject.

Seems the censor algorithms are already in place.

short stox
tokyo boj 23:43 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: Target: Stop:

PAR 16:20 GMT 01/30/2023
stox down yesterday
stox go down today again
i made some nice money in jnp225 and dji

dc CB 22:55 GMT 01/30/2023
no matter how much---they Will Raise.

checking in on the RevRepo---FRBNY's daily Interest Payment to the Cardinals(aka banks).
Today: 106 Cardinals got 4.30% on their excess money ---$2,048.714 BILLION.

I won't go to 5%--or will it?---with this Hike.

Any savings bank accts or CDs paying the 'average joe' savers that. More like 1 to 2%. So all that customer cash ---parked....earns That Vig for the bankers.

FRBNY daily

dc CB 22:43 GMT 01/30/2023
the crowd bought stuff they never wanted to buy...

Time to fade it?

The Market Ear

dc CB 20:58 GMT 01/30/2023
BofA rates strategist Ralf Preusser writes in his weekly preview, "this week is one for the record book. We have not seen these three major central bank decisions (Fed, BoE, ECB); and key data releases (US ISM, payrolls, and the employment cost index, as well as Euro Area inflation, GDP, and confidence data) in the same week before. Not to mention in combination with month-end flow, which given the incidence of supply in Europe should be sizeable in both EUR and GBP."


Mtl JP 19:12 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile
Must be over 1/2 a dozen headlines I seen today deving FOMC is going with a quarter-point hike. that would bring the rate to a range of 4.5% to 4.75%. that would leave jerome to convince players that his mushroom farming group is still deathly serious about conquering the inflation infestation and other assorted blah blah blah about concocting other this then that anti-inflation vaccines.

keyword: blink and its variations

Mtl JP 17:11 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile

EURO 1.0862
puppy is in overall trend
S needs to hold 1.0825
R at 1.0925

I am thinking ... S should hold and dlr strenght should be temporary on euro's dips to S

short stox
PAR 16:20 GMT 01/30/2023
US stocks. A low opening means a strong close.

That's how algorithms trade.

GVI Forex 16:00 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile
EURUSD 1.0870

FWIW the opening price for the week a week ago was 1.0866-70

Mtl JP 15:58 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile

euro 1.0873
odds are this is a pict of at least some m-end rebalancing underway

short stox
tokyo boj 15:34 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: 4053 Target: Stop: add later

short stox now

short jpn225 @ 27555
dji 33949
nasdaq 12100
dax 15100

short usdjpy
tokyo boj 13:58 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile
Entry: 130.07 Target: open Stop: add later

short small one here

short usdjpy
tokyo boj 13:58 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile
Entry: 130.07 Target: open Stop: add later

short small one here

short gbp
tokyo boj 13:55 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile
Entry: 161.333 Target: Stop: add later

today again sold some gbp

Breaking News
GVI Forex 13:39 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile
Eurostar will publish January EZ CPI as scheduled on Wednesday, February 1st - will use an estimate for the German data

Breaking News
GVI Forex 13:36 GMT 01/30/2023  - My Profile
Germanyís DeStatis has delayed the release of CPI data due to technical problems with data processing: data will be published next week, with the exact date to be announced on Friday

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