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PAR 15:03 GMT 12/01/2021
VIX drops 10% as Yellen takes control of PPT?

USD/JPY collapse is imminent!
Bangkok KC 14:34 GMT 12/01/2021
It's time to take profit USD/JPY short position.
USD/JPY could not collapse because of the BOJ intervention.. IMHO

macao win10 13:54 GMT 12/01/2021
It means urging funds to pour more money into stock markets to hedge for inflation. The big size, deep depth and low valuation of China stock market offers a good choice for investors

GOLD 1790
Amman wfakhoury 13:34 GMT 12/01/2021
Amman wfakhoury 09:36 GMT 12/01/2021
Gold now 1779 ..see you at 1790
1790 Reached 100%

PAR 13:00 GMT 12/01/2021
Japan said Wednesday that it has asked airlines to suspend new bookings for flights entering the country through the end of the year, effectively sealing its borders for everyone, including Japanese citizens, unless they have a pre-existing reservation.
The move, a response to the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus, marks the first time during the pandemic that Japan has tried to lock out its own citizens in addition to foreigners

Mtl JP 11:34 GMT 12/01/2021
what do you figure powell's 'increased uncertainty for inflation' market reads to mean ?

USA Travel Restrictions WP
PAR 11:05 GMT 12/01/2021
Stricter coronavirus testing is being weighed for all travelers to the U.S.

The Biden administration is expected to require everyone entering the country, including returning Americans, to be tested one day before boarding flights, regardless of their vaccination status or country of departure.

In addition, they are debating a controversial proposal to require all travelers, including U.S. citizens, to self-quarantine for seven days, even if their test results are negative. Those who flout the requirements might be subject to fines and penalties, the first time such penalties would be linked to testing and quarantine measures for travelers in the United States.

PAR 10:50 GMT 12/01/2021
Markets suffer from bipolar disorder disease.

Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression, is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (mania or hypomania) and lows (depression).

metals and betcoin
jkt abel 10:32 GMT 12/01/2021
and i thought they said it would be over 200k by end of 2021? all just numbers

metals and betcoin
Bangkok KC 10:04 GMT 12/01/2021
It's not too late to buy some betcoin around 57,000 with target above 100,000 early next year.

PAR 09:53 GMT 12/01/2021
While Europe (France being the exception) moves away from nuclear energy.

Nuclear-Fusion Startup Lands $1.8 Billion as Investors Chase Star Power
No one has been able to generate net energy by combining atoms, yet Commonwealth Fusion Systems has attracted Bill Gates and George Soros

GOLD 1790
Amman wfakhoury 09:36 GMT 12/01/2021
Gold now 1779 you at 1790

metals and betcoin
Belgrade Knez 09:02 GMT 12/01/2021
macao win10 08:37 GMT December 1, 2021
Bitcoin should reach 1-2 million bucks within 4-5 years...
why not 3 million?

hk ab 08:43 GMT 12/01/2021
exit the 113 at 113.50, keep 112.70 longs.

metals and betcoin
macao win10 08:37 GMT 12/01/2021
Bitcoin should reach 1-2 million bucks within 4-5 years...

macao win10 08:34 GMT 12/01/2021
Central banks and heavyweights have kept to reduce holdings gradually. Their target is keeping 50% foreign reserve held in USD?
Not sure if Powell will be nice enough to send dollar index to 99-100. At the moment, dollar is down 7% with respect to last year high of 103.

hk ab 08:33 GMT 12/01/2021
btw, last post of the day before nice dinner.

the one calling eur 1.1360 deserves a hat off. Well done.

metals and betcoin
hk ab 08:31 GMT 12/01/2021
also noted Media just turned metals bullish to bearish (beginning), it also has a long run to reach the highest quacking noises.

Then, we go LONG.

Betcoin could be another tulip though, or "Squid coin".

hk ab 08:29 GMT 12/01/2021
yesterday, some friend mentioned HSI has made the low.....

The new Master Hui (called Master Kwok) said the HSI has plenty of downside......

I think the ultimate low can only be made if we killed most of the CBBCs.

Right now, the furtherest one is at 14000 and there are still plenty to kill.

Mtl JP 07:36 GMT 12/01/2021 fighting inflation with:
3. Money printing not seen since the Weimar Republic

why do you say that she is fighting inflation ?

PAR 07:29 GMT 12/01/2021
Christine Lagarde is the Recep Erdogan under the world central bankers.

Christine Lagarde and her gang are fighting inflation with:
1. Negative interest rates
2. Never seen real negative interest rates.
3. Money printing not seen since the Weimar Republic
4. An organized currency devaluation to help Macron's French exporters like LVMH & Co

What did you expect from a convicted lawyer?

hk ab 07:00 GMT 12/01/2021
watch XAG, if you want to know the truth. Gold is a big lie.

hk ab 06:45 GMT 12/01/2021
Things are clear, after reappointment, he can be as free as a bird.

After the first dose yesterday, he needs a 2nd booster.......

Like vaccine.

BUY EUR/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 06:30 GMT 12/01/2021
Euro rally nicely as expected. We might see Euro trade near 1.1500 in the near term.

Still hold long EUR/USD since 1.2220 , Take profit 1.1490


Bangkok KC 03:59:31 GMT - 11/26/2021
It's time to buy Euro for a correction back to 1.1360-70 area.

PAR 06:20 GMT 12/01/2021
Looks like Yellen took over the PPT after Powell switched back to the republican camp.

PPT started buying US stock index futures after the US close and went on an unseen buying bonanza all night long.

hk ab 04:44 GMT 12/01/2021
Big mouthful of "Dust"......

Super trader
HK Dust 03:54 GMT 12/01/2021
Strange being with ab, but you are one stupid douchebag micromacrominiwhatever.

Super trader
Hk Ab 03:00 GMT 12/01/2021
Super trader, super fighter……. Or super big mouth?


Riding my yen long while laughing.

Israel MacroMicro 00:32 GMT 12/01/2021
dc CB 00:21 GMT

guess what?! - you gonna get an answer

my contribution to a trader with self awareness in a level of used shoe of a dishwasher is zero, complete total zero.

are you in such league?

read the articles, realize the picture, before you are dreaming that you get the news, the scenes around you, maybe your internal issues with "liberals" are due to that beautiful girl sexually attractive that wanted more than not aware used shoe?

picking fights?! - your opinion, like there is a drama in LEGAL CIRCUS about corrupt souls using underage kids for their dark and sick sexual fantasies.

probably, even most probably, you will not get the point, do not ask me why or attack me about the deep unaware reasons that causing you not to see yourself as you really are,

no, no LOL now, just wishes for your fast and full recovery, I mean what is better for an old man than to get aware before he passes away... enjoy being aware old man, only someone who really cares gonna wish you such.

you starting to get how dumb you really are?

dc CB 00:21 GMT 12/01/2021
Israel MacroMicro 20:23
'and reality shows as the following'

dear Observer of US Polyticks and trader extraordiaire.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial, a few weeks ago, was Steamed Live, you could watch it all day long every know the 18 year old white supremacist on trial for multiple 'murders'----Pre-Judged by the MSM.
Incidently---NBC Nuz,the source you linked---Sent a reporter to follow members of the jury photograph where they lived.

thus the daily soap opera reference

Thanks. and grow up, stop picking fights on GV------SuperTrader...LOL

Varna Momchil 21:25 GMT 11/30/2021
This won`t happen with Erdogan in front of the country.

Varna Momchil 21:23 GMT 11/30/2021
Let`s see then.

Varna Momchil 21:23 GMT 11/30/2021
No. Gold technicals are bullish.

Varna Momchil 21:21 GMT 11/30/2021
EU inflation hit 14 years high... but it was expected.

london red 20:51 GMT 11/30/2021
spacey? didnt know peter pan was on offer, thought it was just snow white they were tapping.
looks like maxwell will go down for sure, no other way to suicide her

Israel MacroMicro 20:23 GMT 11/30/2021
dc cb wrote

and reality shows as the following

coverage by the press

dc CB 20:15 GMT 11/30/2021
ldn red

Meanwhile, the sideshow---'murica's Profumo Affair ---zero coverage of what should be a staple for daytime soap opera teevee...aka the 'trial of the century' in a NYC courtroom :)

Epstein's Pilot Names Names, Recalls Shuttling Clinton, Trump, Spacey And Prince Andrew.....Visoski spent most of Tuesday talking about girls Epstein brought aboard the plane...

(the Lolita Express...with apologies to Vladimir Nabokov)

Israel MacroMicro 19:36 GMT 11/30/2021
Entry: Target: Stop:

also, GBP/CHF 1.22 cost is running as position more than a trade

Israel MacroMicro 19:34 GMT 11/30/2021
Entry: Target: Stop:

imagine, BoE having bottle of whiskey too much and speaks total opposite to what Weidman and Powell/Yellen expressed today clearly?

they probably will raise, the tone about the future will decide how WILD the move of cable to be during December. just my opinion.

happily holding for now cable long position with cost of few pips under 1.3250

let us see what comes out with that :)

london red 18:44 GMT 11/30/2021
powell and co finally release to stop inflation you need to cut stimulus. whoda thought?
crude down heavily again means everything is going to be cheap, a lot cheaper. there is your inflation number going lower. and when those containers off the us coast finally land and drop all that product, you will see another black friday sale. retailers will be giving it away. what does that do to prices. yeah. cant say smart move by powell cos he took too long, but better late than never. omicron? exactly no big deal.

Mtl JP 18:42 GMT 11/30/2021
and the curve ... flattens

swiss frank 18:00 GMT 11/30/2021
Powell drops a double wammy by taking transitory out of the script and sees stepping on the gas re ending the taper. Throw in doubling down on Omicron fears. How much would you guess stocks are down? 3%? 5%? More?
Day isn't over but US indices down around 1.5%. Sooooooo.........

dc CB 17:58 GMT 11/30/2021
Today in 'Science' v "THE Science"
(another Pro-wrestling Work) On the Card (h/t ZeroHedge headines)

Oxford Professor: Official Data Shows Face Masks "Made No Meaningful Difference" To Infection Rates....Face coverings “unlikely to have much of an impact” in fighting Omicron...

Omicron Unlikely To Cause Severe Illness In Vaccinated Patients, BioNTech Founder Says.....Welcome to "The science" vs. "science"...

Moderna CEO Repeats That Vaccine Won't Work For Omicron; Antibody Cocktails Also Need Modification. "...there is no world where [the effectiveness] is the same level...we had with Delta.."

dc CB 17:52 GMT 11/30/2021
The Powell-Put imploded this morning as The Fed Chair curb-stomped the 't'-word (transitory) and warned that "it is appropriate in my view to consider wrapping up the taper of our asset purchases, which we actually announced at the November meeting, perhaps a few months sooner. I expect we will discuss that at our upcoming meeting."

That sparked rapid and heavy selling pressure in stocks (as well as elsewhere in markets)..
"Team Transitory" Is Dead After Powell Says "Time To Retire Word Transitory Regarding Inflation"
An entire army of macrotourist "experts" exposed as clueless hacks.

Mtl JP 17:48 GMT 11/30/2021
labor issues ?
Goldman offers more retirement contributions, paid leave for miscarriages and six-week sabbaticals to boost ‘mental health’

Mtl JP 17:43 GMT 11/30/2021

red priceline not yet resolved
arguing and posturing continues

PAR 17:26 GMT 11/30/2021
Powell realizes that inflation is not transitory, Weidmann warns that European inflation is out of control, and Christine Lagarde sleeping on the wheel is driving into the abyss.

Wir haben es nicht gewusst? I don't thinks so.

swiss frank 17:23 GMT 11/30/2021
Ex Fed Gov Fisher had a great take on this on CNBC earlier. As clear second choice, but the WH unable to gather the votes, Powell owes Slow Joe no favors. Bam.

PAR 17:07 GMT 11/30/2021
Now that he is reappointed he can get hawkish and help his republican friends. What did you expect.

Hk Ab 16:24 GMT 11/30/2021
If buy 1780 here, will bangster moves it to 1680? LOL…

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