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Bangkok KC 08:41 GMT 05/18/2022
Sell USD/CHF on rally to 0.9985

GVI Forex 08:23 GMT 05/18/2022  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in markets from Julien Ponthus.

One might think that with CNN's popular gauge of investor sentiment stuck on 'extreme fear', it would take some seriously good news to lift up markets these days.

MORNING BID-Extreme fear? Seriously?

Bangkok KC 04:35 GMT 05/18/2022
USD/JPY is about to collapse!

Bangkok KC 14:56:45 GMT - 05/16/2022
Keep selling usd/jpy on rally to 129.20 - 129.60 zone. Target 122-123

Bangkok KC 03:23 GMT 05/18/2022
Took profit all usd/chf short@0.9945

dc CB 00:39 GMT 05/18/2022
get em while you can----

The Campaign Season has begun---will be in full steam ahead post Memorial Day.

via Zero Hedge:
Over 120,000 Hunter Biden Emails Uploaded To Searchable Database

one for the big guy

Mtl JP 23:59 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile

and this is how players game jerome

Mtl JP 23:58 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
soooo .... this is how jeff cox interprets what what he thinks (?) jerome would like players to "get". (I think ... that jerome is one tuff, determined pitbull/rottweiler mix fighting a labrapoodle called Inflation)

*Fed Chair Jerome Powell said he will back interest rate increases until prices start falling back toward a healthy level.

* “If that involves moving past broadly understood levels of neutral we won’t hesitate to do that,” the central bank leader told the Wall Street Journal

Powell says the Fed will not hesitate to keep raising rates until inflation comes down
MAY 17 2022 , Jeff Cox

Mtl JP 22:37 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
Rafe... 18:29 -- ???

dc CB 21:28 GMT 05/17/2022
leave the indexes and Vix to the Daily Racing Form traders.
The Trends----food, fuel, treasuries....go back to basic futures trading.


dc CB 21:24 GMT 05/17/2022
re: Quinex CVX---- Biden admin announced it plans to allow Chevron to negotiate its oil license with Venezuela’s national producer

Crude -2.445mm (+1.553mm exp)
Cushing -3.071mm - biggest draw since Oct 2021
Gasoline -5.102mm - biggest draw since Oct 2021
Distillates +1.075mm

Large draws for Crude and Gasoline stocks.

June Crude---113xx
July Crude---110xx

london red 19:51 GMT 05/17/2022
yup plenty of scardy cats to fry. dc, what do u see, 20 on the vix before back up, or just the low 20's?

dc CB 19:26 GMT 05/17/2022
June trading in the 112 handle.
July trading in the 109 handle

dc CB 19:22 GMT 05/17/2022
also Fri June WTI (CME crude) goes off the board---July trading

dc CB 19:19 GMT 05/17/2022
this is OPEX week----tomow --- VIX futures Expiry

Fri --- the Yuge collection of Puts to be voided

london red 18:44 GMT 05/17/2022
JP, euro had to do some catch up from last wk, now in line. from here anyones guess but since they chose not to run stocks down on powell, looks like they have some upside work to do

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:29 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
pray for him...

Mtl JP 18:18 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
that "before" probably has another 4 months to run
before everyone sees IF his "inflation" reduction fight is a winner or loser

and IF it will be a loser by about that 4th month hence...

GVI Forex 18:17 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
Powrll signals broad support 50bps hikes at next 2 Fed meetings.

Mtl JP 18:15 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
powell says

- wants to see 'clear and convincing evidence' inflation is cooling before slowing down pace of rate hikes

- 50 basis point rate hikes in both June and July is a plan and not a done deal

MORNING BID-Apocalypse now?
Caribbean! Rafe... 18:14 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
GVI Forex 07:49 GMT 05/17/2022 - My Profile

And not to forget certain countries mismanagement of the pandemic which caused the resurgence of Covid-19 into 2nd and 3rd waves, AND not to forget the Covid-19 variants which resulted... Now forcing people to pay a fine for walking around had no effect other than to worsen the matter... Timed vaccination deadlines were not followed, but missed twice... How can they say they feel sorry and public does not know what happens after their feeling sorry is over... criminal negligence and absurd abuses against the rights of citizens... And they now blame game two most recent geopolitical events namely the Ukraine war and China Lockdown. Inflation was a global concern and moreso theirs even long before the start of 2020. They forcefully debated and voluntarily exited the EU, so what does Ukraine war and Covid have to do with that...

Mtl JP 18:05 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
just watching price-action on "risk"

IF it tilts down
jerome will have made some "booo" comment about 75

Mtl JP 17:56 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
lots of headlines containing "freeze hiring" and "costs rising" today

Mtl JP 17:18 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
earlier today bullard offered that “Luck favors the prepared.” pithy-ity
lets see how prepared and how in favor with the gawds jerome is today

HK Dusty 15:57 GMT 05/17/2022
Ab - why would we be sour because you are losing money?? Hope you reestablished the JPY long then, getting stopped at the low was IMPRECISION…….

Mtl JP 15:52 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
mushroom farmers r-a coming:
powell at 2pm

just to make sure and for safety
he ll be followed by mester and later by evans just-in-case mop crew

Hk Ab 15:49 GMT 05/17/2022
Dusty was waken up by the super sourness…..

1836 is not a few pips, but PRECISION……

Yen still has legs as long as us tsy 10y hasn’t ended it’s dream to upside.

You don’t need to worry about eur, it’s just 5%….

The yen is enough to bring all numbers back, not to even my long chf under .99.

Mtl JP 15:46 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
how does the bell toll for it ?
Regulators have the authority to act now to stop runs on risky stablecoins

Terra crash sharpens Washington’s attention on crypto regulations
- MarketWatch

HK Dusty 15:06 GMT 05/17/2022
Well done ab. Glad you picked up a few pips on the Gold, sounds like you can use them. Any update on the mt EUR position that is many big figures underwater? Tia

Hk Dusty 121.94 stoppedatlow 03:57 GMT May 13, 2022
Yen : Reply
Hello Ab. Can you please give us an update on your mt Eur position? Are you still sitting on a 5 big figure underwater position hoping for a rebound, or did you already cut it and take the loss? Tia

hk ab 10:42 GMT March 9, 2022
eur: Reply
not much gift collected under 1.09 this time

SAR all m/t shorts, now start the long journey!

hk ab 04:20 GMT March 9, 2022
eur: Reply
anyone seeing eur are already collected by biggies?

Seems to me curr. side has marked the m/t end.

may need to move up the buy limit to any 1.08xx fast dip.

Israel MacroMicro 15:03 GMT 05/17/2022
the bonds, they are the leaders for now / imo

Mtl JP 14:20 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
red 11:15 usual perennial puzzle
who leads: bonds, stocks or FX

Hk Ab 14:16 GMT 05/17/2022
To give dust some sour candies, close half 1820 from 1836 to buy some super Lennon for him

hk ab 11:53 GMT 05/17/2022
I have fought with them at 2065, 2006, now 1836......

jkt abel 11:45 GMT 05/17/2022
you gonna fight the C9s backed up by Putin?

hk ab 11:44 GMT 05/17/2022

hk ab 11:38 GMT 05/17/2022
limit 1836 sell.

london red 11:15 GMT 05/17/2022
euro now priced in a bit of stock rally. now up to 1.05xx where it spent the couple of prior weeks. so a natural selling level for some. but if stocks can add to gains then euro could still squeeze to 1.07xx

Mtl JP 10:51 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
10:28 -- jay wanna trade some italian paper ?

GVI Forex 10:28 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
EURUSD spikes higher on this:

ECB's Knot says a 25bps hike is realistic; says a 50bps hike should be excluded if data in the next few months suggests that inflation is broadening and accumulating.

Mtl JP 08:46 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile

SnP gap
still chased

Mtl JP 08:36 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
remember dubya ejaculating "You work three jobs? Uniquely American, isn't it? I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that." (Bush in 2005) ?

that disease now spread to UK's Minister for Safeguarding, Rachel Maclean. Have a listen:

Minister: Get 'better paid job' for protection

hk ab 08:24 GMT 05/17/2022
chance of returning to the old "carry" days....

Gold is still high, but not yen.

Mtl JP 08:09 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
USD down some = SnP uP some; 4049 now, testing R

Bangkok KC 08:08 GMT 05/17/2022
Hold SHORT@129.40, Target 123
Sell more on rally to 130(if see)

Bangkok KC 08:06 GMT 05/17/2022
Hold SHORT average@0.9995, Target 0.9750

Bangkok KC 18:05:08 GMT - 05/12/2022
2nd short @1.0035

Mtl JP 07:53 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
ab ... usdchf at 0,9986
right on s/t S

DLRx 103.96 tilting under 104

suggests usd has most of the promised rate hiking priced-in

MORNING BID-Apocalypse now?
GVI Forex 07:49 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in markets from Dhara Ranasinghe.

Bank of England boss Andrew Bailey is sorry for an "apocalyptic" view of the world, saying that monetary policy faces its biggest test in 25 years with surging inflation exacerbated by war in Ukraine and China's COVID lockdowns.

MORNING BID-Apocalypse now?

Mtl JP 07:33 GMT 05/17/2022  - My Profile

The AdvisorShares Psychedelics ETF has lost over 50% of its value this year.
“It’s important to educate politicians about what heals,” ... we are ready to reveal a solution that we know works, because we’ve seen it in the underground over and over again.” ... “We’ll have some experiential and immersive experiences,”

Forget Burning Man — Psychedelic Shamans Now Heading to Davos

hk ab 07:04 GMT 05/17/2022
seems yen weakness instead of usd weakness......

hk ab 06:46 GMT 05/17/2022
The 100% guaranteed may show up soon.

PAR 06:23 GMT 05/17/2022
Why wait till July to raise interest rates. Could you do it now? Inflation is spinning out of control and the ECB keeps printing money.

Inflation is approaching double digits and European interest rates are negative.

Since Lagarde took over the Euro crashed by more than 15%, that alone is increasing European inflation.

European monetary policy has been a complete disaster for European citizens.

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