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24/01/18 8:30 A DE flash MFG PMI con: 63 pre: 63.3
24/01/18 8:30 A DE flash SVC PMI con: 55.5 pre: 55.8

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Dillon AL 00:46 GMT 01/24/2018  - My Profile

A pic of traffic near me taken Jan 10 and this is a regular sight especially on a weekend. Traffic up 80 miles west of Denver and even in Denver does not get slowed by weather unless its an avalanche

Israel Dil 00:42 GMT 01/24/2018
Livingston nh 22:49 GMT

less cars were driven due to the weather?

therefore less gasoline used. can't it be so simple?


Livingston nh 22:49 GMT 01/23/2018
Gasoline continues to build - OPEC can screw w/ supply but can't affect demand

Mtl JP 22:37 GMT 01/23/2018
Jerome Powell confirmed as next chairman of the Fed

AT Amazing Trader john bland 22:29 GMT 01/23/2018  - My Profile
API (mln)
CO -5.11
Gasoline +1.80
Distillates +0.60

Livingston nh 22:20 GMT 01/23/2018
Catching up here so I'll put a couple of comments together

1. Musk is a showman (better than Bezos who is really good) but like any good showman (Magicians?) he deflects the reality -- when he had trouble here he offered to "save" Australia w/ a GIANT battery // TSLA can't be worth 650 bio because the competitors will grind him down -- maybe he gets bought but there is no new technology in his operation and he hasn't mastered PRODUCTION

2. Re: 2 yr yield - market sees a slower FED - keep in mind the BLITZ of last MARCH -- market sees what it wants and the opportunity is when it is WRONG

3. "an ever declining dollar" - currency is related to inflation not GDP - no CB targets GDP // a strong economy will pull imports which theory says will weaken currency (see gold standard) BUT post Bretton Woods demise it's different

4. Climate Change (aka Global Warming) - winner of the Golden Acorn awarded by the Chicken Little Institute of Dubious Science multiple years -- people that don't understand this silliness voted for "guess WHO?"

Oh phleezzz.... bite me!
Mtl JP 22:17 GMT 01/23/2018
warning: put on your diapers first
got'em ?
... "Hawaii Democratic Gov. David Ige said Monday that one of the reasons it took so long to inform the public that a ballistic missile alert in the state was in fact a false alarm was because he couldn’t remember his Twitter password."

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AT Amazing Trader john bland 22:00 GMT 01/23/2018  - My Profile
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Mtl JP 20:58 GMT 01/23/2018
One of a king ballzy

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tesla today announced a new 10-year CEO performance award for Elon Musk with vesting entirely contingent on achieving market cap and operational milestones that would make Tesla one of the most valuable companies in the world. In order to fully vest, Tesla's market cap would have to grow to $650 billion (an increase of almost $600 billion), and important revenue and profitability goals would also have to be achieved. ../.

Tesla Announces New Long-Term Performance Award for Elon Musk

Mtl JP 20:43 GMT 01/23/2018
nh ... what the 2yr thinks about the FED ?

"The 2-year note yield TMUBMUSD02Y, -0.80% was down 3.1 basis points to 2.042%, the largest one-day yield decline since Dec. 13. That snapped a 14-day streak of yields gain."

Nat Gas
Mtl JP 20:39 GMT 01/23/2018
Oklahoma blast may be deadliest since start of U.S. shale boom

5 workers presumed dead after gas well explodes

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GVI Forex Blog 20:31 GMT 01/23/2018  - My Profile

forex rate database image

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Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 23 January 2018

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GVI Forex Blog 20:00 GMT 01/23/2018  - My Profile

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PAR 19:55 GMT 01/23/2018
An ever declining dollar since America First became president.

Nat Gas
lkwd jj 19:47 GMT 01/23/2018
with 6 days left in feb large specs who were short in last CoT report are running for the hills even as weather is improving.

lkwd jj 19:30 GMT 01/23/2018
1339 correction sorry

lkwd jj 19:30 GMT 01/23/2018
1340 new hod

Israel Dil 19:29 GMT 01/23/2018
No chemistry there and oil trades $80 while gold passes $1.43k soon

BREAKING: Trump to call Turkey's Erdogan amid concern over Syria offensive, US official says

America First . Dollar last .
Mtl JP 19:16 GMT 01/23/2018
concider... u.s. has already raised rates, is public about more rate hikes AND is peddling the idea of ending QE stimulation AND is - apparently by general consensus - firing on all cylinders AND sees its ccy gone down 15% vs euro going UP by 15% AND is not seeing its exports hurting AND is still attracting capital is basically in a not too shabby competitive advantage.

So as much as we have been flooded by an amazing, co-ordinated amount of fiats by up-till-now colluding central banks, the intensely interesting next phase of reversing the flood flow (on orders of BIS I pointed to here before) in a "normalizing" phase (BoJ currently appearing rogue) expect a little hiss-n-piss between central bankers. And along with that some trade disturbances and economic problems offering new, possibly massive trade opportunities.

ref,: ..."while recognizing that some turbulence in financial markets will have to be negotiated along the way. ... Even if there are some short-term bumps in the road ... whatever we do, we will have to do it in a very careful way,� BIS�s head of research, Hyun Song Shin, told Reuters." - Mtl JP 15:06 GMT September 18, 2017

AT Amazing Trader john bland 19:00 GMT 01/23/2018  - My Profile
Par good observation

PAR 18:51 GMT 01/23/2018
US stocks rise as US dollar keeps dropping.

Israel Dil 18:43 GMT 01/23/2018
Trump teach them how to use Twitter :-)))


Thank you @BillRMcDermott, we welcome SAP's significant investment in France to accelerate our digital ecosystem and spur economic growth. #ChooseFrance

Israel Dil 18:37 GMT 01/23/2018
nh - with or without voting rights? :-)))

Livingston nh 18:34 GMT 01/23/2018
dil - the easiest solution is for Congress to annex both countries - we probably should have done this years ago but they are both troublesome folks// no Nafta, no border wall, multi-lingual minority problem -- maybe we sell Quebec to Macron (a reverse Louisiana Purchase)

Israel Dil 18:23 GMT 01/23/2018
hahaha - is it a stupid president or stupid voters trusting wall to solve problems. then also a wall between Canada and USA needed. :-)))

"Mexicans will soon be able to travel to Canada without a visa. And they might actually want to, as newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes strides to improve strained relations between the two countries. ... Trudeau, however, has brought a breath of fresh air to the stale relations.Nov 19, 2015

Mtl JP 18:16 GMT 01/23/2018
nh 17:54 there have to be a few Maschinengewehr 34 available at reasonable cost but practicality and cost effectiveness is antithesis to anything government

Provo John 18:04 GMT 01/23/2018  - My Profile
Or sell ladders.

Livingston nh 17:54 GMT 01/23/2018
This Border WALL Funding is a joke played by both sides - The Executive wants to build A WALL for Security purposes so build the WALL - Homeland Security budget, Pentagon, State Department // the money is there and Congress can't stop him without the Supreme Court

It's a @#**ing game - unless you trade barbed wire futures it's irrelevant

Amazing Trader (AT) 17:54 GMT 01/23/2018
It is starting to look like February 8 could be another problem date.

Amazing Trader (AT) 17:54 GMT 01/23/2018
It is starting to look like February 8 could be another problem date.

Amazing Trader (AT) 17:48 GMT 01/23/2018
Reportedly Democratic Leader Schumer has withdrawn offer for border wall funding in immigration reform negotiations - press

-- Source

Livingston nh 17:47 GMT 01/23/2018
jp - RATES RATES RATES -- we'll see in 15 min what the 2yr thinks about the FED

Mtl JP 17:44 GMT 01/23/2018
Dallio : “You can’t have a significant rise in interest rates without knocking over the whole asset markets,” ... the Fed will need to figure out the optimal level for real interest rates.

His is the allegedly current biggest HFund ya ?

America First . Dollar last .
Israel Dil 17:38 GMT 01/23/2018
PAR 17:21 GMT 

weak local ccy is every hotelier's wish

Livingston nh 17:37 GMT 01/23/2018
par - this what dalio was saying 2 weeks ago

"The problem is that with interest rates and risk premia near all-time lows and debt and asset values near all-time highs, there's little fuel to repeat the process. Just as the Fed can't cut rates much, it can't raise them much either, or debt servicing would swamp cash flow and asset prices would sink. Thus Mr. Dalio sees years of low interest rates, and while he thinks stocks are fairly valued, returns to a typical stock-bond portfolio over the next decade will be around zero after inflation and taxes. Whatever you need to retire, save it now: Don't count on portfolio returns."

AND now we are in a sweet spot? watch what they do and not what they say

America First . Dollar last .
PAR 17:21 GMT 01/23/2018
Trump is lower dollar man .

lkwd jj 17:19 GMT 01/23/2018
just saw increase from 2.69 to 2.77. come spring/summer 3.50 easy. wheres all the shale ?

Trend and Pivot Friendly positions
SaaR KaL 17:11 GMT 01/23/2018  - My Profile
For today
NAS100 Sell
USOil Sell

PAR 17:05 GMT 01/23/2018
Dalio. Thats the man who manages money fr the IMF , the World. Bank and advises Draghi . He has plenty of inside

Livingston nh 17:04 GMT 01/23/2018
jp - that's a big turnaround for this mope - he was telling the Fed to CUT a while back // talking his book

America First . Dollar last .
PAR 17:03 GMT 01/23/2018
Big jump in Bitcoin.

Mtl JP 16:55 GMT 01/23/2018
why ? “We are in this Goldilocks period right now. Inflation isn’t a problem. Growth is good, everything is pretty good with a big jolt of stimulation coming from changes in tax laws,” Dalio said

Mtl JP 16:45 GMT 01/23/2018
‘If you’re holding cash, you’re going to feel pretty stupid.’
according to Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates founder

Livingston nh 16:43 GMT 01/23/2018
Doom and Gloom -- if you guys want to set your hair on fire William White (formerly of BIS and now OECD) is banging the drum at Davos --

"The world financial system is as dangerously stretched today as it was at the peak of the last bubble but this time the authorities are caught in a “policy trap” with few defences left, a veteran central banker has warned.
Nine years of emergency money has had a string of perverse effects and lured emerging markets into debt dependency, without addressing the structural causes of the global disorder.
“All the market indicators right now look very similar to what we saw before the Lehman crisis, but the lesson has somehow been forgotten,” said William White, the Swiss-based head of the OECD’s review board and ex-chief economist for the Bank for International Settlements.
Professor White said disturbing evidence of credit degradation is emerging almost daily. The latest is the disclosure that distressed UK construction group Carillion quietly raised £112m through German Schuldschein bonds. South African retailer Steinhoff also tapped this obscure market, borrowing €730m."


Unfortunately the most dangerous influence is a GOOD ANALOGY -- the guy was right 10 years ago and now can't let go // he was saying similar things 2 years ago at DAVOS

copper canary
lkwd jj 16:25 GMT 01/23/2018
other side of the coin is china fooling around in copper market....

PAR 16:23 GMT 01/23/2018
Expect huge draw in us crude inventories . Pure manipulation .

Mtl JP 16:09 GMT 01/23/2018
higher crude will excite the pro-inflationists
"hooray higher prices" !

America First . Dollar last .
PAR 16:06 GMT 01/23/2018
Maybe US economy heading into recession ? Car sales declining . Credit card defaults rising . Real estate too expensive for people to buy .

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hk ab 02:03 GMT 01/23/2018
Today refill short starts from 1344, every $3 up. all s/l 1383.

hk ab 11:18 GMT 01/19/2018
cup and handle......

filled 1337. 1334.

hk ab 13:37 GMT 01/18/2018
So weak that it can only touch my first bomb......

hk ab 07:07 GMT 01/18/2018
Gold bombs placed 1330, 1333, 1337, SELL relentless.

Greatest buying opportunity
Taiwan Tom 05:27 GMT 01/18/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1327 Target: 1400 Stop: 1322

Take advantage of weak dollar
Great risk reward .
Trying to ride the wave!!

hk ab 01:36 GMT 01/18/2018
LOL, Kwun will dive again......

close 1/5 from the 1340 relentless sell. Thanks bangsters for pushing gold up to sell more yesterday.

hk ab 08:35 GMT 01/17/2018
Gold stock tanks and does not follow the flocks.......

Sell above 1340 so sweet.

hk ab 06:03 GMT 01/17/2018

Relentless nuke sell button pressed.

Unable pass 1345 tells sth........

Bitcoin will bounce again soon........for revenge.

Gold solid support at $1257
San Jose 05:12 GMT 01/17/2018
The monthly chart for gold gives gold traders and investors some much needed cheer as the precious metal now has some solid support at $1257 where the volume point of control currently sits, and from where the metal has progressed on solid volume. To the upside $1357 is the target and first significant resistance on this time frame, and any break through here would take the metal to $1374.

metatrader 4 online

hk ab 02:46 GMT 01/17/2018
relentless again above 1340.

hk ab 13:51 GMT 01/16/2018
Protective s/l 1337 for all the accumulated relentless above 1340.

If gold can't pass 1335.......

Gold is 100% bull trend
Central Kwun 08:54 GMT 01/15/2018
hk ab 01:19 GMT 01/12/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1325 Target: 1250 Stop: 1337

Chances coming again.....

reloading with fast finger.
stopped, LOL

hk ab 01:41 GMT 01/15/2018
resell again above 1340, relentless......

Greatest buying opportunity
Hk Ab 14:07 GMT 01/12/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

1318 can be reached faster than expected.

Chased up to 1334.

Bangsters are not used to the buy side game

Greatest buying opportunity
Hk Ab 14:07 GMT 01/12/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

1318 can be reached faster than expected.

Chased up to 1334.

Bangsters are not used to the buy side game

Greatest buying opportunity
Taiwan Tom 08:30 GMT 01/12/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1318 Target: 1400 Stop: 1318

There is no reason for a strong decline in the medium term. SL: 1318. TP ~ 1400. There are moments of strong accumulation from support: 1322.15. This is a medium-term idea.

hk ab 01:19 GMT 01/12/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1325 Target: 1250 Stop: 1337

Chances coming again.....

reloading with fast finger.

hk ab 16:49 GMT 01/10/2018
Bingo again.....

Bangsters, come and taste my big short at 1334, 1337..... I only had 1325 filled......

hk ab 11:53 GMT 01/10/2018
Dead cat bounce and can start selling higher :)

from 1325 to 1350 this time with stop 1383, target 1250.

Jerusalem Kb 23:27 GMT 01/09/2018  - My Profile
Sell Gold
Entry: 1312 Target: 1301 Stop: 1316


Jerusalem Kb 23:02 GMT 01/09/2018  - My Profile
Sell Gold
Entry: 1307.7 Target: 1301 Stop: 1313.7

long time I didn't enter this forum
I placed a sell stop order for a deeper correction as long as gold is trading below 1322

hk ab 14:51 GMT 01/05/2018
Bingo again......

hk ab 12:06 GMT 01/05/2018
with astro prediction, I am now more confident with this sell till 1334.

Greatest buying opportunity
Taiwan Tom 06:46 GMT 01/05/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1318 Target: 1400 Stop: 1298

Greatest buying opportunity is coming up in gold & silver , there will be massive rise in both the precious metals between 10th-23rd January. All calculations are based on Cycle,Geometry,Mathematics & Astro-Phsics.

nw kw 06:57 GMT 12/29/2017
add bit oil? 1 drop == I bit c

Germany 05:44 GMT 12/29/2017
This has been really just the new trends even in the us right now, there are a lot of the companies using this bitcoin
The U.S. main derivative regulators plans to allow CME Group and CBOE global markets to include bitcoin into its long list of futures trading.

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 23:53 GMT 12/09/2017
fed? not priced in gold,s/p cots,,, bitdesater = fastest gold run up 1205 long or stop,,,, allways bugs to work out/?? cina oil to gold to price in gold more valuable for oil fight.

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 20:52 GMT 12/03/2017
Tensions on the Korean Peninsula escalated over the weekend as US stealth fighters moved into the region and official sources from both North Korea and the US said the chances of war are growing.

Korean bitgold at 10% market cap, so jpy that's interesting...

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 22:35 GMT 12/02/2017
well reeeeding the market jpy bitgold, pay for china oil, isent jpy biggest oil needer for its biger xports off seting

yes keep it simpall for wut gov. feeds us---------- heeerding agan its ok ill trade on it,,,, GL

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 18:12 GMT 11/30/2017
xaujpy started to fall from 5 y channel top// I was awaiting for u/j 120.// xauusa gold day channel descends. but looks from xaugbp as king driver so gbp id key.

A mad nation goes banana.
HK RF@ 17:53 GMT 11/30/2017

Albert Einstein, was proven right, sometimes even when he thought he made mistakes.

Will his Maxim about the infinite stupidity of mankind will hold for Bitcoin too? Just wait.

A mad nation goes banana.
HK RF@ 17:49 GMT 11/30/2017

Now the Japanese are funding their Bitcoin trades, not only with yen, but also by selling gold. All are running to invest in a financial instrument no one knows how it began or where from it came.

Gold bound to lose about 2.5% against the JPY.
HK RF@ 17:41 GMT 11/30/2017

Against the USD not be surprised if 1240/5 range will be reached.

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 12:28 GMT 11/29/2017
Japanese yen trading in bitcoin dominates at about 61 percent.

hk ab 04:15 GMT 11/21/2017
collection phase is too obvious.

See how the wash out ends, all gold stocks are being cleared to kill small fishes.

Just study the monthly chart
nw kw 04:37 GMT 10/29/2017
oil stocks

Just study the monthly chart
nw kw 04:36 GMT 10/29/2017
aka stock market driving.prices // not cheap no leverage in stocks./

Just study the monthly chart
nw kw 04:33 GMT 10/29/2017
technical fundamental yearly bond market. swings// 100%

Just study the monthly chart
Taiwan Tom 12:10 GMT 10/27/2017

Entry: 1267 Target: OPen Stop:

November is gold's big fall month. Don't ask me why. It's nothing technical nor fundamental. Just wait and see

hk ab 02:18 GMT 10/17/2017
The coming upswing in gold targets in weeks term 1368
hk win10 16:59 GMT 10/11/2017
hope so, still hoping 10 contracts at 1306

Bangsters must be reading GVI hard......LOL

The coming upswing in gold targets in weeks term 1368
hk win10 16:59 GMT 10/11/2017
hope so, still hoping 10 contracts at 1306

Few hours from now missiles from N.K will be flying.
HK RF@ 20:45 GMT 10/09/2017

Meanwhile, let's talk about Catalooonia.

HK RF@ 12:30 GMT 10/09/2017

Price of gold may culminate around Oct.30

A mad nation goes banana.
HK RF@ 20:27 GMT 10/06/2017

Anton Morozov, a member of the Russian Duma's international affairs committee, and two other Russian lawmakers visited Pyongyang on October 2 to 6, RIA reported.

Mr Morozov said: "They are preparing for new tests of a long-range missile. They even gave us mathematical calculations that they believe prove that their missile can hit the west coast of the United States.

"As far as we understand, they intend to launch one more long-range missile in the near future. And in general, their mood is rather belligerent."
The provocative move will anger US president Donald Trump who has repeatedly warned the rogue state that he will “totally destroy” the country if the US is threatened.

But the warnings appear to have fallen on deaf ears as the North gets set to test another nuclear missile.

US officials have not yet responded to the claim.

Sell gold
HK RF@ 00:49 GMT 10/06/2017

This trade is already profitable. Short term traders may take their profits. The risk is tonite data.
Be suspicious that Mkts. may be manipulated against the direction data may move them.

Sell gold
HK RF@ 13:26 GMT 10/05/2017
Sell Gold
Entry: 1275 Target: 1242 Stop: 1285


HK RF@ 13:25 GMT 10/05/2017

Very hi chances for gold to drop to 1242/3.

Only a black sawn event may prevent it.

The final target for gold is 1187.

money flow of gold
Taiwan Tom 06:01 GMT 10/03/2017
I did follow you to boy gold since 1298!!!

money flow of gold
Solo Raden 06:03 GMT 09/28/2017

lock all if show 1275 and wait at 1252 to open lock.

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