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19/10/18 12:30 AA CA Retail Sales con: 0.30% pre: 0.30%
19/10/18 12:30 AA CA Sales x-autos con: 0.20% pre: 0.90%
19/10/18 12:30 A CA CPI yy con: 2.70% pre: 2.80%
19/10/18 12:30 A CA CPI mm con: -0.10% pre: -0.10%
19/10/18 12:30 A CA CPI Median yy con: 2.10% pre: 2.10%

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Amazing Trader Update
GVI Jay 23:03 GMT 10/18/2018  - My Profile
If you would like a copy of my latest video, how to use crosses (i.e. eurgbp) to trade spot (eurusd and gbpusd), send me an EMAIL

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
dc CB 21:18 GMT 10/18/2018
Perhaps Bezos has refrained from issuing a statement due to a lucrative deal to set up data centers in Saudi Arabia - a plan announced last year.

It announced plans a year ago for the opening of a Middle East division based in Bahrain, an island nation that neighbors Saudi Arabia. Since May, Amazon has had a job post up for a "Head of Public Policy AWS Saudi Arabia" based in Bahrain. Part of the candidate's role is to "help further advance Amazon as a leading cloud platform provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia." The position requires fluency in Arabic, and one of the top objectives is to "develop, lead and implement Saudi Arabia government affairs advocacy objectives and policy/political priorities" for AWS.

Amazon also has an office in Riyadh for, the Middle Eastern e-commerce company that it acquired last year for $580 million. -CNBC

Is This Why Jeff Bezos Has Kept Quiet On WaPo Employee Khashoggi's Disappearance?

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
dc CB 21:05 GMT 10/18/2018
consider the source. The BezosPost. Owned by Jeff(the 21st Century's - Wm Randolf Hearst)Bezos.(take a quess as to why I bought deal if my life. Let's me stir the pot from the pit of the fire)
Democracy Dies in Darkness-----'cpt that we all live in a Representative REPUBLIC.

Friday Trading Checklist For 19 October 2018
GVI Trader john 20:45 GMT 10/18/2018
For AT Trading
See the Amazing Trader Live!



Spot EURUSD: 1.1464
Pivot Point: 1.1481

This Week: 1.1452-1.1621
Thu: 1.1452-1.1527
Wed: 1.1507-1.1580
Tue: 1.1566-1.1621
Mon: 1.1541-1.1606

20-day avg: 1.1588
50-day avg: 1.1582
100-day avg: 1.1625
200-day avg: 1.1913

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Fed 25bp hike odds for Dec 19: 82% (82%).

Rally towards elections?!
dc CB 20:30 GMT 10/18/2018
Regarding the coming slew of polling that shows: one side vs the other side. AI Dumb and Dumber ALGOs trading off the Head(fake)Lines. Keep this in Mind: How Wud U answer a question from a compete stranger (pollster) asking --- R U Voting Republican on Nov 6?????

University of Mississippi Professor James Thomas says that simply harassing Republicans in restaurants isn’t enough, leftists should put their “whole damn fingers” in senators’ meals, because they “don’t deserve civility.”

James Thomas, an Assistant Professor at Ole Miss, tweeted from his account @Insurgent_Prof, calling for the abandonment of civility by contaminating GOP senators’ meals in restaurants, or redistributing the meals to other patrons.
Briebart NUZ

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told a gathering at the 92nd Street Y in New York on Sunday that there may have to be “collateral damage” to those Americans who do not agree with the Democratic Party agenda.

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Livingston nh 20:19 GMT 10/18/2018
CB - do you think anybody really cares about a washpo reporter? A Botched Interrogation resulting in a "missing" person - media should start to use the term "murdered journalist" just to see who objects

Oil Oil everywhere

Dow Futures
Mtl JP 20:15 GMT 10/18/2018

u mean like this ?

I use a scalper robot that tries to ride piggyback an acceleration of volatility of priceaction

Rally towards elections?!
haifa ac 20:13 GMT 10/18/2018  - My Profile
Tmw should determine if we are going to rally towards Nov 6 to save Trump or not.

Dow Futures
Livingston nh 20:13 GMT 10/18/2018
Par - close before OPEX Friday -- SPX was saved from a close below 200 dma by last minute surge in volume // tomorrow's first hour may be crazy

Dow Futures
PAR 20:05 GMT 10/18/2018
A second after the cash market closes Dow futures jump 100 points higher . Cash should close later or futures should close earlier .

A licence to steal . HFT making risk like never seen before .
Normal investors are toast .

PAR 19:43 GMT 10/18/2018
Add more long USDJPY 112.25.

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
dc CB 19:19 GMT 10/18/2018
The Dumb and Dumber trade still trending down.


Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 11 October 2018
GVI Forex Blog 19:14 GMT 10/18/2018

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 11 October 2018

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 19:13 GMT 10/18/2018
look at what the cat dragged out ...
Greenspan says Fed should use ‘earmuffs’ to tune out Trump
and that he s concerned about stagflation ... at his age

why cant it be fun , why worry with a few days left to live ?

PAR 18:50 GMT 10/18/2018
Added more long USDJPY 112.15 .

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Livingston nh 17:42 GMT 10/18/2018
SPX - turnaround Tuesday's opening gap is down @2750 - the Hair on Fire types should be making an appearance again soon

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 17:27 GMT 10/18/2018
This may need a new tempertantrum from President Trump
DJ -380 or -1.48% while 10-yr at only 3.169%

yo donald... jerome wants your donkey
before "u r fired" him

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 17:22 GMT 10/18/2018
weird gumflap from quarles:
Job of the Fed is to remain independent from the administration

just a headline I saw so maybe it s twisted from what he originally said

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 17:09 GMT 10/18/2018
GBP S2 at 1.3045 off its Pivot,
now also poof

50dma at 1.3009

Friday Trading Checklist For 19 October 2018
GVI Forex Blog 16:53 GMT 10/18/2018

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Fri 19 OCt 2018
AA 12:30 CA- CPI/ Retail Sales
A 14:00 US- Existing Homes Sales

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Mon 22 Oct 2018
No Major Data
Tue 23 Oct 2018
No Major Data
Wed 24 Oct 2018
AAll Day Flash PMIs
A 12:30 US- Productivity
A 14:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 25 Oct 2018
A 08:00 DE- IFO Survey
AA 11:45 EZ- European Central Bank Decision
A 12:30 US- Durable Goods
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
AA 18:00 US- Fed Policy Minutes
AA 18:00 US- Beige Book
Fri 26 Oct 2018
AA 12:30 US- GDP
A 14:00 US- Final Univ of Michigan

John M. Bland, MBA
co-founding Partner,

Friday Trading Checklist For 19 October 2018

Mtl JP 16:17 GMT 10/18/2018
... "seeks to continue constructive dialogue"...
such a canadian thing: "lets sit down , have a tea and some biscuits and talk about it"

GVI 16:13 GMT 10/18/2018
EU Commission responds to Italy draft budget plan: points to "particularly serious" non-compliance; says Italy plans "unprecedented" deviation from budget rules - Asks Italy for clarifications; seeks to continue constructive dialogue with Italy- Says Italy govt spending growth planned for next year is 2.7% while max allowed under EU rules is 0.1%

- Source

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 16:09 GMT 10/18/2018
gbp... hello 1.305-ish
took a while to bag

Mtl JP 15:03 GMT 10/18/2018
The potentially good thing about Barnier / May negotiating is that IF teresa can hold her own against the grudge-holding, arch federalist and ex-gaulist "cretin des alpes" barnier is that these two will continue to offer good trading opportinities to exploit.

GVI 14:57 GMT 10/18/2018
Prime Min May: we're committed to resolve Brexit issues as quickly as possible; there will be more difficult moments in the final stages of talks - I'm convinced we will secure a good Brexit agreement

- Prime Min May spokesperson: extension of Brexit transition period is not a formal proposal but an idea that we'll discuss with the EU; it's an idea ministers have been talking about for weeks

- Source

Livingston nh 14:48 GMT 10/18/2018
A lot of Happy Talk about an "extension" BUT does anyone know if this needs Parliament vote ?? I'm not sure May could get this through

Mtl JP 14:47 GMT 10/18/2018
short while ago merkel gushed about how good a job barnier is doing dancing w/teresa brexit tango

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 14:42 GMT 10/18/2018
I have a LOVE / HATE relationship with Nigel

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 14:29 GMT 10/18/2018  - My Profile
Alert: UK PM May is about to hold a press conference.

lkwd jj 14:28 GMT 10/18/2018
looks like old line support here at 1.1475 holding...for now

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 14:26 GMT 10/18/2018
dont like euro slinking back up to 1.1490 +
but that is just me
maybe its that nasty brother JUBB

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 14:20 GMT 10/18/2018
GBP 78-75 minor Sup zone
letsee if it so

Bond Market Avalanche
Paris ib 14:13 GMT 10/18/2018  - My Profile
' That’s Trump-speak for “we want a weaker dollar.” '

Do they want a weaker dollar?

Paris ib 14:05 GMT 10/18/2018  - My Profile
The Germans and the Europhiles in general do not want the UK leaving and if it does leave they want to make thing difficult. If they don't the queue to leave would get out of control. There is not a lot of support for the 'European project' at the grass roots levels anywhere in Europe (except maybe Brussels). This is about the European Project's survival (which personally I think is under threat in the longer term).

Bond Market Avalanche
Livingston nh 14:03 GMT 10/18/2018
For nearly 40 years there has been a general misunderstanding of the nature and role of the US treasury market - when the 2 yr gets to 3% (December?) it will be barely at a positive yield so where is the potential for crisis?

In whatever model you use plug in the "debt" on the monetary side rather than the fiscal side

GVI 14:01 GMT 10/18/2018
Germany Chancellor Merkel: EU27 have a very high level of unity regarding Brexit; time is of the essence on Brexit talks - EU leaders will be ready to meet when more progress has been made - EU leaders agreed that its time to move ahead with 'more Europe', including banking union and a roadmap for the future - There has been no breakthroughs on Brexit or Ireland; neither more optimistic or pessimistic on Brexit deal after summit- Onus is on all sides to find Brexit solution

- Source

GVI Trader john 14:00 GMT 10/18/2018
U.S. Leading Indicators September 2018
U.S. Data Charts

+0.50% vs. +0.50% exp. vs. -0.20% (r) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Bond Market Avalanche
Paris ib 13:56 GMT 10/18/2018  - My Profile
JP tic toc indeed. Timing is everything. But into this explosive recipe we also have geo-politics and Trump. You couldn't make this up.

Another note from a doom and gloomer :-)

Bond Market Avalanche
Mtl JP 13:49 GMT 10/18/2018
ib US structural debt and the timing of when players are going to take note of it (by charging more for their loans to munchkin) is a burning issue with me and, as I have noticed, also some bank players judging from their missives. tic toc

Bond Market Avalanche
Paris ib 13:41 GMT 10/18/2018  - My Profile
2 year U.S. Government bond yields set to test (and break 3 percent). 'They' can dress this up as good news (growth, inflation, yada, yada, yada) but what it really means is that one of the most heavily indebted nations in the world will have to pony up MORE in interest rate payments going forward. The crux of the matter, as always, is: WILL the U.S.'s foreign creditors continue to hoover up all that Government paper.... of which there is more and more each year? Rolling over short term money (4 trillion a year) and relying on foreigners to keep lending you that money is NOT a given. There comes a point when you have pushed the envelope all the way. Are we there yet? No idea. :-)

Public Debt and Foreign Holders

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 13:40 GMT 10/18/2018
IF GBP can push thru 1.3093
hello 1.305-ish

Braking NUZ
Mtl JP 13:28 GMT 10/18/2018
looks like President Trump may be reading GV...

..."I must, in the strongest of terms, ask Mexico to stop this onslaught - and if unable to do so I will call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!.." in ref 23:34 honduran caravan

Amazing Trader Update
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 13:17 GMT 10/18/2018  - My Profile
If you would like a copy of my latest video, how to use crosses (i.e. eurgbp) to trade spot (eurusd and gbpusd), send me an EMAIL

GVI 12:58 GMT 10/18/2018
Fed's Bullard (dove, non-voter): central bank's current policy is about right for the economy

- Source

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 12:48 GMT 10/18/2018
USDJPY 112.48
this pair seems to get little attention on the forum (except from PAR)
not sure why, it is decent trader

Bottom Line
YEN can be FX's canary in the coal mine
when it comes to market spooking
as it runs home to mammy when it feels scared
by visuals of stox dumping for example

Res 1 112.66
Pivot 112.34
Sup 1 112.17
Pivot Points by the pros at

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Weekly Jobless Steady
GVI Forex Blog 12:40 GMT 10/18/2018
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims steady.
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Chart
<Click on chart for over seventeen-year history

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Weekly Jobless Steady

Thursday Trading Checklist 18 October 2018
Mtl JP 12:38 GMT 10/18/2018
EURO 1.1507
puppy remains Sell on Rallies
while under 1.1531 Pivot and 1.1550
Needs to dump under 1.1490 to open 1.145x

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Gold is bottomed temporary
Taiwan Tom 07:47 GMT 10/04/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1197 Target: Stop:

Gold will lead all pair bullish again

Every rebound is sell
Taiwan Tom 11:13 GMT 10/02/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1186-88 Target: Stop:

Squared the position with $2 loss

Every rebound is sell
Taiwan Tom 04:17 GMT 09/28/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1186-88 Target: Stop:

Sell the high and never buy the low

Leaving PMs for now
lkwd jj 18:53 GMT 06/15/2018
i saw the wedge but didnt take the trade. but i found that theres always a pull back and if you add or dont keep stop moving up you can see it all wash away. only for it to continue 3 days later. coffee was brutal i had it from 121.45 long and got out at 115.5 today.
nat gas is a buy above 3 on a close but again there will be pullback to 295-97 where its a buy. i saw this developing on hourly chart as rejections from 298 were losing steam on the way down. range from 289-295 was good buy low sell highs but had feeling its gonna pop

Leaving PMs for now
wellington am 07:57 GMT 06/12/2018
Coffee was a nice trade for me in the run up from 116 to 124+ recently.

However the sell off back down to 115 was somewhat brutal, so it's more a watch and see now.

Ag commodities are showing some interesting patterns (the index of softs appears to be breaking out), and have been a little easier to trade than PMs of late.

That said, anyone watching silver recently? Another false break, or is this the real thing? I'm long (perhaps foolishly so) but the steady rise out of a tight wedge may just be the real thing.

Leaving PMs for now
lkwd jj 15:36 GMT 06/11/2018
what in the coffee market are you alluding too ?

The Weekly Pivot is support
Taiwan Tom 10:26 GMT 05/28/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1297 Target: 1360 Stop: 1250

Price respected the weekly pivot and the 50% of the fibo is a good entry

Leaving PMs for now
Melbourne 10:54 GMT 05/24/2018
hello, i am new here and if you want Assignment help then please click on the link.

Australian Assignment Help

bounce of an uptrend is confirmed
Taiwan Tom 08:50 GMT 05/24/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1296 Target: 1360 Stop: 1276

just confirmed a third bounce of an uptrend which is a major bounce

Leaving PMs for now
wellington am 05:36 GMT 05/23/2018
I am tired of PMs. Well let me restate. I am tired of seeing buy recommendations from those who only recommend buy. I am tired of the sharp spikes down for no apparent reason on a Friday. I am tired of the endless macro economic dollar death analysis, and trying to take swing trades based on such "inevitable" recommendations.

Of course we all know that in the long run the gold bulls are right. But we don't live in the long run, we live in the now.

I have emptied my FX account and moved it all the Futures account. And am now entering and exiting trades based on technicals only, and finding my own trades.

It's taken too long to get here. But it feels good.

BTW. Checkout Coffee.

hk ab 16:16 GMT 05/18/2018
Maybe time for selling......

HK RF@ 11:39 GMT 05/18/2018
Maybe a serious conflict will solve the consolidating gold.

Long 2016 trend line
Taiwan Tom 10:40 GMT 05/17/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1285 Target: 1350 Stop: 1250

Long 2016 trend line

today range 1317-1325
Taiwan Tom 05:44 GMT 05/11/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1318 Target: Stop: 1308

today range 1317-1325, cheers bro!

hk ab 04:12 GMT 05/07/2018
just when we have RF screams 1318......... bangsters immediately moves the stop to 1323.... LOL

No firework.

Add prayers
HK RF@ 11:54 GMT 05/03/2018
HK RF@ 10:43 GMT 05/01/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1307-1309 Target: 1321 Stop: *****

hk ab 14:14 GMT 05/02/2018
Finally, it comes to my buy level.......

1300, relentless.... every $5 down.

HK RF@ 10:43 GMT 05/01/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1307-1309 Target: 1321 Stop: *****


It is all about some news.
HK RF@ 21:42 GMT 04/30/2018
The Iranians are proud people, so likely they will not sit on their hands after Israel has been keeping bombarding their Syria installations, killing many Iranians too.
And the Israelis promised them more of this stuff.

In event of a serious escalation gold will rise fast above 1400.

Gold: Seems the M.E. explosive situation, is no one's concern around.
HK RF@ 15:42 GMT 04/30/2018
Except a blip in oil prices, and all is O.K.

Gold spikes because RF's 1290.....
HK RF@ 18:31 GMT 04/24/2018
And that caused the Dow to fall 500 points.

Wow!!! A real Delusional Disorder.

So; RF@ is responsible,,, go out and get hiiiim!!!!!
He is dangerous!

hk ab 16:01 GMT 04/24/2018
Gold dips because Tom screams, Gold spikes because RF's 1290.....

Stubborn gold longs didn't give up yet.
HK RF@ 04:26 GMT 04/24/2018
The battle is still on.

hk ab 00:46 GMT 04/24/2018
Tom can't break the curse.......

Bangsters change to sell immediately whenever Tom screams "buy"

Gold Rock'n roll: Sing it following the white ball:
HK RF@ 16:03 GMT 04/20/2018
" I am on my way to 1290 "

Gold ready for a voyage to 1290.
HK RF@ 01:23 GMT 04/20/2018

hk ab 15:46 GMT 04/19/2018
repeating the dlrjpy 80 story?

hk ab 12:40 GMT 04/19/2018
How long can FED strangle paper gold?......

With XAG blast up, Gold accumulated momentum will be "surprising".

Gold Rock
HK RF@ 12:25 GMT 04/19/2018
Hanging by a thin hair; Not so rocky:(

Gold Rock
Taiwan Tom 02:43 GMT 04/19/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1348 Target: Stop: 1340

Buy Gold -0.01% further at 1348+ --1349+ at any point in the range. Place SL at 1340. Target 1374.9--1390. Longer Term 1420--1470--1700--1860. Gold-will BULL higher. Trade safely and Gd 1.84% Luck. Gold-Rock.

hk ab 16:01 GMT 04/18/2018
Silver the watch dog of gold?

Bangsters said big blast 2 days ago, actually......

hk ab 13:51 GMT 04/18/2018
very close.....

Gold Rock
Taiwan Tom 06:39 GMT 04/18/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1342 Target: Stop: 1335

Buy Gold -0.16% further at 1341+--1342+ at any point in this range and hold for higher targets towards 1374.9--1390. Place SL at 1335. Trade safely and Gd-Luck. Gold-Rock.

hk ab 14:34 GMT 04/17/2018
Oh no..... Bangsters will change mind when they see Tom.......

Let's wait for the pop.....

A reminder AB style.
HK RF@ 12:43 GMT 04/17/2018
hk ab 15:21 GMT 04/04/2018
Whenever Tom screams, it means the opposite trade MUST be taken..... LOL

Gold Rock
Taiwan Tom 10:25 GMT 04/17/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1345 Target: Stop: 1335

((( Buy further at 1344--1345 at any point in this range. Place SL at 1335 and Hold for target 1374.9--1390 ))) Gold-will Bull Higher. Trade safely and Gd-Luck. Gold-Rock.

HK AB 16:37 GMT 04/16/2018
bangsters said, the net needs to move much much higher now......

Hk Ab 02:21 GMT 04/16/2018
Bangsters will be mad if they find it out......

Net from 1360.......shshshs

hk ab 16:51 GMT 04/13/2018
Very interesting divergence on gold and yen.

Bangsters told me to perform the action quietly, after that 1 lot I posted up, they were unhappy........

So, I have no choice but to load quietly........

Anyway, don't want to brag on sth I haven't told the novice traders....

hk ab 15:10 GMT 04/12/2018
secret mission from bangsters again.....

1338 1 lot.

Hk Ab 17:39 GMT 04/11/2018
Exit nuke sell at 1355, more sell opportunities are coming

Hk Ab 17:37 GMT 04/11/2018
I work for bankster lately.......

1366..... Too precise

hk ab 16:18 GMT 04/11/2018
sinks with my nuke......

Bangster's retreat.

hk ab 16:01 GMT 04/11/2018
LOL caught some on 1 platform and missed on another.....1366 SOLD!

hk ab 15:20 GMT 04/11/2018
almost here......1366.

hk ab 14:33 GMT 04/11/2018
Good 1353 caught........4 lots.

next station 1366, 16 lots.

May exhaust to 1370.......

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